After all those time I have been working on the visual language. Asking questions after questions on what is beauty? Beauty is in anything, is then how we look at the “thing”. Leads look at what may an image have – lines / dots / structures / time / shapes / spaces / places / authors / subjects / cults / curves / forms etc?  Then leads look at how an image can be made in the digital world – from using the D Cam or an scanner then to a software like photoshop, illustrator, free hand etc… then to the output of the images there is the painters and monitors.

Now I am asking again, really they are all in one and can they? How can we put them into one that are seen in one, but not in a chaos or yes in one!! Can this help us really see what is happening? A machine that really make them all together? Is this what the computer doing? Being able to see it all then to make that judgment? What are we really doing?

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