Is it that I am enjoying in all this thinking? I am in the UK thinking non stop of why am I here, trying to understand where I am and where all the knowledge take me or us, is it the more we know the more power it becomes? Making all these knowledge into something else? Having the internet, letting to know and understanding more, where will it take us? Why am i questioning?

“There must always be some level of ignorance about everything in the world – we don’t have perfect instruments. ” I like this sentence as this is how we should think as human…

Am I looping at the world of thinking?  Where may the future led to?  Being away from London for 4 years, I ask again and again, the happenings here and in China, both places are moving. All are, I become part of here and the cult of 3, how a city specks (HK)? How a country specks?  Is all different?

I looked at the wikipedia, in the search of 220BC what is written in english is very different in chinese, should it not be the same? Internationally, should we not know what is happening in the world and not just one area of the world?  Is it language, that is why the world is not together?  Is it the internet that can make us be together?  We there be that one day we use the same language?  Is image or visual really the internetional language?  When we have different meaning in “things”?

Being able to read 2 language, (text)  in tranlation is always different, how can this really be tranlated right, I wondered.

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