Flash Classes

After taking 10 weeks of Flash Classes in LCC, to pass the course I have to built a website.  From using this software, I started too to understand a chaotic system in the world of software.  Please if you like to have a look at the Storyboarding01 Please DO!! :)

From specking to a classmate, reminded me that if I really use Flash MX to build my site then I will not be using the text efficiently as to the world of the internet!  And of couse when I am making this story board, all I can think of is the Drawing Lecture, I am doing the same thing again and is it that I am really influance by Tony Buzan or am I just finding the mind map that usful?

Out of the blue…I clean my kitchen everyday and it all look very clean but is so clean that I feel cold, when I am in it, I wonder if this is where some of the Digital Art makes me feel, the coldness in it… Is tht why I had this idea to have a show in Hong Kong, in a club and not in a gallery.  The digital world to me is a dack and black.  Why is that?  Is it because the only or most way I can think of showing work from digital world is monitors? Light? Print out.  I am talking to myself now!

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