Photography – Macro line (not to continued)

On the 1st Nov 2008, I wondered by photographing with my Macro Len 100 mm will I understand another way of seeing the line in a physical way? Another language we use today to record in visual team. But is visual then An Art? That I have to say no! But I am now really going a MA in Visual Art…

From working with photography in recording the lines, use of material in our physical world… I started…
From the workshop we had on Arduino, the line – wire carry electrons from one point to another.
A line I found in my thoughts 1st came “A string”, When I photography it I started to think of it as material made of several threads twisted together, then I asked show I be starting off by photographing a thread, if then a thread should I start photographing cotton/ wool/ silk then or is it the beginning of the very 1st is where the start of the line… I am off the topic / theme.

I know I will be able to find the line within any object with in photography like the cotton/ wool/ silk or within the natural of the making silk as the Cocoon. And it will become another system of finding within the line, I know it will be part of another beauty on its own. Then I ask should I be doing photography and not digital art?

After the drawing I did for the Big draw, I mixed the 2 things together, the lines I found in my PGDip and the painting of St Chatherine of Alexandria by Raphael. I asked is this why I have 2 part of me in the lines I am working on now? Just like the way I have a number and a word (1000, line) only for my MA Proposal. The Yin/ Yang symbol, am I finding a balance?


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