1000 box but wrong system

My 1st WRONG Guide

Default size : 1000px (w) x 1000px (h) Horizontal Dividers: 90 lines / Vertical Divider: 90 lines so it makes 1000 squares within a 1000 px (w) x 1000 px (h) square.

Lines entered within a square of 100px x 100px inside the 1000px square!  1st square – left top corner,

Each 100px squares are divided in 10 x 10 squares, like a rule of the graphs.  From using the possibility of the points within the 100 squares inside the 1000px square in such of a new guide!

I asked myself, how can the 2D become more physical?  The more I look at this image the more I see a illusion, what is it? can this reparting be the illusion of 3D? Or am I too lost?  Thinkink too much when I am reading it?


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