Big Draw

A day in the National Gallery, London – working on Rephael’s painting for 2hrs – St Catherine of Alexandria, c.1507/08 Oil on panel, 71x 56 cm

Experiencing a life drawing section using the digital medium. Recording from using the Macbook instead of pencil and paper, I found myself working “backwards”. When I work on a blank piece of paper:

  • I try to limit myself in what I am drawing by starting with a frame to understand the scale I am about to draw it in.
  • Then work on it by copying what I see. The eye reacts with the brain and then exports what I see to my hands.

Working on a Macbook with a jpeg on Google already of the master’s work is already there! Maybe the colour sitting is a bit wrong but what we need to have is there already. A copy of the artwork, how may I learn from this? Rules of the day, no photographing or video allow!

I started working by putting the grid I used in my self-portrait onto the and added the deep red high ceiling room with a warm lighting environment in the space surrounding of National Gallery.

  • Am I drawing from the effect I had in my space?
  • How does the painting relate to me within this moment in time?
  • Why is it speaking to me?
  • Why this painting and not others?

You are in this environment we are in now.”2hrs drawing from St Catherine of Alexandria.”

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