Big Draw

A day in the National Gallery, London – working on Rephael’s painting for 2hrs – St Catherine of Alexandria, c.1507/08 Oil on panel, 71x 56 cm

Experiencing a life drawing section using the digital medium.  Recording a happening with my macbook instead of pencil and paper, I found myself working “backwards”!!

When I work on a blank piece of paper I try 1st to limit myself in what I am drawing and by start with frame and the scale I am about to draw it in.  Then work on it by copying what I see, the reaction within my eyes to my brain then exporting in what I am seeing by my hands.  Then may be I hoping from copying I then be able to see how am I seeing the painting?

When working on a JPG of the master’s work, is already there! May be the color sitting is a bit wrong but what we need to have is there already.

So what can I do to it to learn something from it?  I had 2hrs only, so I just did it!

Rules of the day, no photographing or video allow!
I started working, by putting a guide onto the JPG.  Drawing what I see in the space that I don’t have in the JPG like I was surrounded in red in a high ceiling room with a warm lighting environment.

Am I trying the draw from thinking of the space I was in?
How the painting relate to me within that moment in time?

In front of it and how is it speaking to me and why dose it catch me more then any others?

I still cannot define what I did but here is a jpg I worked on in the 2 hrs I had!

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