Quantifying Play

Entered into the Jago Gallery, ground floor a white space with the sun light shining at the digital Art work.  Prints and drawings with the wired bottles piece on the floor.  I walked towards it, one spoke with a human voice…  I walked round the space, I went on, hearing a noise of machinery from the basement.  Went downstairs.  The sound is closer and closer.  I can’t stop myself thinking: Am I entering into the cult of the old? Knowing I am in a new media show.  As I am reading the book of Janet H Murray, during the introduction of the book she mentioned the old days of computer, the sound of “THUMP bam- THUMP bam- THUMP THUMP- THUMP.”

There I entered into a very dark space; There I see the machine running; Not wanting  to go toward it; Saw the 2 monitor running;  Watched it; Didn’t get the message, only felt dizzy with the work looping itself within a space.  There I saw the torch, 2 of them.  I put my hand in front of it, hoping to see something happening, shined it onto the wall and nothing happened.  With the bed, I though of lying down there but with all the noise next to it all I though of doing is to imagine if I was. I keel down, listened.  Then I went back up to the ground floor and waited to see how other interact, Tim started to give us a talk on the work.

Is it the creating of the show? Is it the question of asking?  What do the artist went to say to us as a viwer?  All of the happening we have different feelings towards it with the space/ time/ weather of the day/ mood/ it being indoor/ everything will inspired us in thinking of what we are seeing in that moment in time.  We then listen to our self and see what we pick up is what we then be influence in??

During the chat section on the exhibition, we have to think about our end of year show.  How are we showing our work and the relationship which links our work together… something to keep in mind!!

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