week one

Going to the PRINT area – Induction:  May I understand the old to make sense of the new?  Ink and paper; water or oil base; screen-prints; color separation; RGB; CMKY…

I asked “How are digital visuals become ‘physical’ in today’s world

  • Monitor (still/ moving images)
  • Projection (still/ moving images)
  • INKjet printing (still)
  • Laser printing (still)
  • 3D resource – Laser cutter (still)

As 3D resource shown, computer as the act of the ‘brain’ sending the act to the Laser cutter.  This means we can do the same to anything as long as the machine has a system within it.  What happens when we work out of the system? Will it crashed?  Is this where the chaos comes in?

London, thames
London, thames

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